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Emerging from a shared and unwavering curiosity for the world around them, Metz+Racine’s images are visionary and richly aesthetic, drawing on everything from nature and art history, to cinema and science.

With over 20 years of experience, Barbara Metz and Eve Racine came together through their parallel histories in the realms of fine art and photography, and honed their practice in still life picture-making before becoming award-winning filmmakers. Captivated by the endless emotional properties of light and colour, they shift expertly between still and moving pictures, and whether in the quiet corner of a light filled studio or a landscape dazzlingly vast, they conjure stories both playful and poetic.

Metz+Racine’s remarkable flair for harnessing the narrative potential of images has allured many into their chromatic cosmos, resulting in lauded collaborations with luxury brands including Cartier, Chanel, Dior and Hermes. In recent years they have been commissioned by Louis Vuitton to direct Never Ending Story – a fashion film telling the history of the brand. The film won a number of film awards and recognition from the prestigious Business of Fashion.

Later, the duo self-published Flowers Together, a stunning exploration of flora made alongside set designers. Ever looking for new ways to refresh their practice, the two are now working on the second part of the project, due to take form as an exhibition and a book. Elsewhere, they have recently completed work on their first full CGI film for Cartier.