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Founded in 2000 by Karine Quadriga, Quadriga is intended to discover and to promote talents from all backgrounds. Initially focused on the commercial development of photographers, the agency evolved towards the promotion of multi-faced talents , such as stylists, set-designers and art-directors, without moving away from its core business, that is photography. 

Since the agency launched in Paris, Quadriga managed to share its expertise with the artists represented by the agency, and increased its clients visibility thanks to its know-how.

The strength of the agency lies both in its artists' talents and in the sustainable relationships Quadriga maintains with the clients. Therefore, the agency works on a regular basis with many luxury brands, prestigious fashion magazines and several advertising agencies. 

Quadriga is focused on fashion and luxury projects, in the form either of editorial projects or advertising print campaigns.

The agency makes a point of honor to reveal and develop the talents it discovers, and is committed to bringing a new perspective to art and fashion by enabling its artists to express their creativity.

The purpose of the agency is to provide appropriate artists and ideas matching the clients' expectations regarding their specific projects. Furthermore, Quadriga provides a full production service for all photo shoots both studio, location throughout Europe and USA.



75009 PARIS
T. +33 (0) 1 44 54 10 10
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424 BROADWAY - Suite 601
T. +1 212 741 7070
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